These one-on-one interviews are conducted by phone or in-person across multiple geographies.

Our specialist domain experts understand and code open-ended responses both easily and accurately in accordance with standards set by each individual client.

Unimrkt takes pride in its access to 'C' level executives, through in-house and premium databases, across numerous business verticals and business sizes covering multiple industries. Unimrkt has successfully completed thousands of interviews with hard to reach audiences. Our clients vouch on our healthcare panels as well as IT decision-maker panels, for their exceptional quality.

Over the years Unimrkt has maintained it’s higher than industry conversion rate, from recruitment to final survey completion, through strong follow ups and time commitments.

Information Can Be Received And Documented From The Respondent In Three Ways:

The interviewer writes down the respondent's answer real-time on the call

  • Audio-taping of in-depth interviews (most utilized).
  • Videotaping of in-depth interviews (face to face interviews)
  • A written precise transcription of the interviews from the audiotape or videotape is typically created for utilization in report writing or for documentation and future publication purposes

Be it straightforward ten minute questionnaire or an hour long conjoint, Unimrkt Research has the experience and skills to handle surveys of any scope

Interviews are conducted by appointment scheduled with respondents.

We target actual decision makers who determine the direction of their respective companies' business development.

Our interviewers are highly proficient in conducting multilingual and multi geographical qualitative interviews.

Our questioning is thoroughly enabling researchers to go beyond initial responses and rationales.

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