Business Research

Unimrkt Research takes pride in its qualified team of researchers with engineering, science, economics and management background providing all round experience and expertise covering gamut of business issues. We offer an extensive range of business research services to clients in the automotive, BFSI, healthcare, retail, IT & telecom, professional services, oil & gas and other sectors.

Unimrkt has researchers working in these sectors with deep understanding of the industry trends and emerging issues. They have the requisite qualifications and experience to offer information solutions and insights to service industry and country research, database building, competitive intelligence, company profiling, macro environment analysis and value-chain assessments

Unimrkt Business research offering covers

Country research

Unimrkt offers desk research services for multiple countries across the globe. This includes comprehensive study of indicators like GDP growth, inflation, unemployment, ethnicity/race, literacy rate, government etc. from reliable published sources on target country. Our team uses World Bank, IMF, central banks and other secondary sources to gather information on a particular country.

Company profiling & monitoring

Unimrkt provides in-depth information on companies across industry. Our accomplished desk researchers leave no stone unturned to fetch the data on the target company by leveraging paid and unpaid tools like investor presentations, annual reports, analyst briefings, industry reports and statistical publications.

Periodic sector research

Our team helps you to work on foresight rather than hindsight approach. We conduct detailed desk research on multiple sectors including retail, pharma & healthcare, IT & telecom, automotive, BFSI, professional services, oil & gas and other sectors.

Competitive intelligence

Unimrkt helps its clients in developing strategy and identifying competitive gaps by gathering information on business environment, competitors, and competitive products and services. Our team uses company websites, press releases, expansion news, social media postings, and company information aggregators to collect information.

Regulatory assessment & monitoring

Regulatory assessment plays a key role in registration and life cycle maintenance of Pharmaceutical and Biological products. It is important at various stages of product development such as: prior to Regulatory submission, during review and approval and post-approval of the product for global markets.

Unimrkt helps clients to understand the open points to be addressed and prepare the mitigation plan before Regulatory submission for any Pharmaceutical/Biological product. Our Regulatory assessment minimizes the possible rejections from Health Authorities, delays in review cycles with deficiencies and also accelerates the approval processes.

Our Engagement Models

FTE: Model - Dedicated analyst capacity

  • Dedicated analyst team works as an extension of client teams
  • Team members are trained on the client specific research and absorb the culture of the client enabling much better engagement
  • Suitable for a team of ~2 resources
  • Typical engagement duration of 12 months

Retained Capacity: Fixed capacity for pre-defined hours as per the client requirement

  • The defined number of hours can be availed every month and multiple analysts work on the project depending upon the complexity of business requirements and availability of resources
  • This model blends the cost effectiveness of dedicated team along with some flexibility of project based engagement
  • Typical commitment of 30-40 analyst days in a month
  • Typical engagement duration of quarterly, bi-annually and annually

Ad-hoc Project : One off support for a defined scope of work

  • Completely on-demand support model; client has flexibility to demand for capacity as per project flow
  • This is suitable for one off support or where the client work is very cyclical or transaction based
  • Though the per hour cost is higher but it provides flexibility to client to engage the skill sets they require for a defined period of time
  • Typical project size of 5 person days or above

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